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Bayou City Capital Summary


Name of Pool: Bayou City Capital, L.P.
NFA Pool ID No. 10509
General Partner: Omni Trading, LLC NFA ID - 0443182
1505 W. 22nd St.
Houston, TX 77008
Managers: Robert A. Hay
Will Monroe
Current Net Asset Value
as of August 31, 2017:
Number of Investors: 130
Market Traded: S&P 500 Futures & Options, Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Fees: 2% Annual Management Fee, payable monthly
Incentive Allocation: 20% of net profits exceeding 2 percent per calendar quarter
Highwater Mark: Yes, quarterly reset
Redemption: Monthly with 15 days advance notice
Administrators: Michael J. Liccar & Co, CPA's, Chicgo, Illinois
Auditors: LaPorte CPAs & Advisors, Houston, Texas
Attorneys: Cole-Friedman & Mallon LLP, San Fransisco, California
Clearing Merchant: F.C.Stone & Company, Chicago, Illinois


Current Offerings

Omni Trading, LLC is currently offering Class B units in Bayou City Capital. Please contact Omni for more information at

Investor Offering Document

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